What does keratin do for your hair?

Healthy hair contains approximately 90% of keratin, a combination of complex proteins; the remaining 10% is hair’s natural moisture. Generally, keratin provides strength and resistance, while moisture allows hair to be elastic, flexible, and soft and look healthy.
Unfortunately, aggressive and unprofessional straightening, exposure to sun, pollution or swimming pool chemicals affect levels of keratin and moisture.

When it is over bleached, excessively exposed to coloring with low quality products and over heating, our hair loses its natural keratin; the result is dry and brittle, damaged hair with ugly looking split ends.

Keratin treatment uses nanomolecular keratin which penetrates and fills damaged parts of hair. The result is beautiful, shiny, soft and silky hair of superior look; it is healthier and easier to form. Keratin treatment literally revives hair – 80% after the first treatment, 90% after the second, while success reaches 100% after the third application. The treatment is repeated after 2 months on a curly hair, and after 3-4 months on a wavy hair. This form of treatment fits all hair types; it is important to note that it will be the most efficient, with the most striking results on extremely damaged hair.

How It Works: After thorough washing to remove all products that might have been applied previously, a stylist applies a keratin product to your hair. Hair is usually 80% blow dried and then your stylist will use the heath of a flat iron to seal keratin in your hair. The whole process will take about 90 minutes and up to 2 hours. It depends on the length of your hair. You shouldn’t wash your hair for at least 3 days after keratin treatment, and there are a few more “DON’Ts” you have to keep in mind in this “no washing” period:

  • no clips – no pins
  • no bands – no pony tail
  • no tucking behind your ear
  • no holding back hair with sunglasses
  • no swimming
  • no getting hair wet – avoid exercises to prevent sweating.

After-treatment care means you should avoid shampoos containing sodium sulphate; if you plan swimming, protect your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner first because salty water and chlorine will accelerate fading of your treatment effects.

Before doing your keratin treatment, make sure you select the best product that does not contain formaldehyde; it’s also important to find the right hair salon with great stylists to take care of your hair. Equipped with knowledge, skills and some of the best professional haircare products available, HairVenture stylists can create amazing look for ladies in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, Davie and Weston.

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What does keratin do for your hair?.